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Collaborative Document Editing


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Collaborative Editing Software

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Real Rime Collaborative Document Editing
Bread is a fully responsive collaborative document editing platform.

Bread can be installed on any Windows or Linux OS and can be easily embedded within any application making it a fully document editing software and co-authoring solution. Bread not only helps your users to create and share business documents & notes on the go, but also helps ensure they are working on latest version of documents real time.

Fully Responsive Collaborative document editing

Bread offers the flexibility of using any device or phone to create your documents and offers the capability of simultaneous editing of upto 50 users at the same time.

Co-author new or edit existing office

Using real-time co-authoring, colleagues, friends and family can contribute, edit and create new documents .

Install in your data center, on your server or integrate in cloud

Bread is offered as a complete application can be installed on any Windows or Linux OS. Or you can always link to our cloud and use the API to integrate.


Collaborative Editing

Share your documents on the go and simultaneously co-author documents with other users irrespective of their location. Key features include real time online status, chat, sms based invites etc.

Edit, Format & Style

Most of the document editing and formatting features are supported including the ability to insert images, align paragraphs, tables etc

Built in Versioning

An effective and efficient version control system with tracking changes creates a streamlined document creation and review process.

Full page layout support

Create the documents in page layout mode or web style, with the ability to control and add page breaks as required.

Deployment & Integration

Bread Server Edition

is a downloadable version of Bread Office platform distributed under a commercial license. It aims at organizations and businesses, dealing with mission critical applications or secure & sensitive documents and who do not want the documents to leave their rolex replica firewalls or data centers. Collaborative document editing can be embedded as a part of your application or process with Bread running on your servers or datacenter.

  • Install within your data center or on your server
  • Supports Windows & Linux OS
  • Load balanced for high traffic scenarios
  • No other applications, plugins or softwares required.

Bread Cloud

is an easy API based integration with hosted version of Bread platform. You pay only for usage and can get up and running within minutes. Add Collaborative document editing to your applications in quick 2 step integration.

  • Easy API based integration
  • No installations or setups.
  • No server maintenance, applications, plugins or softwares required.
  • Works for any device with full support for co-authoring