Document Co-authoring and collaboration: Adding structure to work

Document Collaboration is getting widely accepted in organizations and organizations are depending on multiple tools and software’s to achieve efficiency and productivity.
Even though these solutions have helped enable collaboration, seamless collaboration is still a distant dream. Organizations engaging customers and external users along with internal teams, face serious hurdles in collaboration and need to learn how to break the silos these solutions have created over time.
Bread Software provides a collaborative document editing and co-authoring solution and helps with building collaboration in order to achieve your objectives. It provides the critical foundation for achieving superior documents and contracts and enables contract management as a seamless collaboration alternative solution.
At Bread Software, we combine traditional Microsoft Office, Google Docs and other software’s with an online enterprise level secure collaborative document editing and co-authoring software.
This enables businesses to drive productivity, efficiency and optimize business processes.

Collaborate on documents in real time

Bread Software is a collaborative document editing productivity suite and lets you do collaboration real time. Bread let’ you create documents on any device and collaborate with other users from across the world. You can collaborate on documents, share documents with others and even invite others to come online and collaborate on documents.

You can message everyone working on the document, using built in chat, audio video conference and show other users all the changes in document. What’s also cool is that every change is saved, auto creating a time based version history.

collaborative editing

collaborative editing

Online collaboration with Documents

With the introduction of Bread – collaborative editing software, Bread completely change the way documents can be shared & edited online. Bread delivers documents to users irrespective of their location or device and allows users to edit documents real time and share their changes.  Bread is a Microsoft Office & Google Docs alternative in the cloud.

Bread added collaborative editing of Open Document Format documents.  Multiple users could simultaneously work on the same document and collaborate real time. The user changes are clearly visible to other users by avatars, names, mouse cursor and unique colors.

Collaborative document editing features include:

  • Instant collaboration, editing & saving, no need to download or upload new versions.
  • Export to PDF, Word, Excel and Office formats.
  • Import Office formats and Open office documents.
  • Fonts, bullet lists, table creation, etc.
  • Media, images support
collaborative document editing

collaborative document editing

Simultaneous Editing – Collaborative Document Editing

collaborative document editing

collaborative document editing

In olden days, document collaboration was limited to emailing each other the document versions. Bread document editing is a collaborative document editing platform and allows several users to interact with each other at same time. All users have write access and can be editing the documents at same time.

Document collaboration has become more critical needs for businesses now. Co-authoring office documents and routing documents to users is integral part of business and requires users to ensure they can work more effectively. The days of forwarding attachments in e-mail are history.

Bread collaborative document editing software, no longer requires you to pass documents around. Instead you can focus on content, document and getting the work done. Version conflicts, intelligent merging and real time updates are some of the features of Bread.

Collaborative document editing

Bread is a collaborative document editing software and can be used for collaboratively editing documents real time. Bread allows for cross browser collaboration with users anywhere in the world. Bread gives your team one place to share, edit and and collaborate on documents and enables them to get the work done.

You can work on same documents at the same time with other people in using Bread Docs & Bread Sheets and at same time you can audio, video and text chat with other users to clearly & easily make the needed decisions.

When someone makes and edit or makes any changes in the documents, the changes are propagated across all connected users and other users can real time see the changes as they are happening. Built in version control allows you to go back to any time version and revert the document state.


Create complex spreadsheets, share and collaborate

Bread Sheets is an online collaborative excel spreadsheet editor which allows you to create, edit and collaborate on excel sheets on the go. You can access your spreadhseets from anywhere and anytime within the browser. There is no installation of any software and all your spreadsheets are available on the go.  There is no need to email sheets as attachments to others. You can share with others or invite others to collaborate real time with you.

Collaborate in Real Time

online spreadsheet collaborative editor



How to save time and money with online document collaboration solutions

Document Collaboration, online real time editing, collaborative editing etc is a wave in Silicon Valley tech right now. Everyone is talking about making documents available in cloud and allowing them to be editable, shareable and collaboration ready.

Businesses are becoming more global and more virtualized. Companies deal with clients all over the world and have offices in multiple locations. Users are across multiple locations and clients are spread out worldwide. One thing which is being moved among all these is content. And content needs to be effectively moved across for both efficient and effective collaboration. It very quickly becomes a challenge and emails, shared folders do not cut it any more.

People need to communicate real time like they do on phone or when they are in person right next to each other. Emails, shared documents and online storages can help put content in a location, but when content is updated other people need to go in and update their part.

Bread Software provides real time collaborative editing software. Bread allows you to invite all participants, users, clients on one document that you all need to work on and you can all collaboratively chat, talk using built in audio/video and edit the documents. 

Check out Bread Software for simultaneous real time collaborative editing.

Reasons Bread Software is the new norm for collaborative editing

Online Collaboration is changing. It’s now as much about sharing documents as it is about real time editing and collaborating on the shared documents.

Bread Software is a real time collaborative editing platform and allows you to edit documents in real time from any platform. You no longer  have to set up and maintain servers, nor have you got to upload documents on public servers. Bread collaborative editing platform is built to be install on your servers or in your datacenter and collaborate real time.

Bread Collaborative editor adds seamless Microsoft Word & Excel editing in the browser. Bread opens the document in a rich text editor in the browser and allows you to collaboratively edit it in real time with others, all logged in from different machines and maybe even different parts of world.

Changes to document are synced real time back to server and updated in file, allowing you to get a fresh version of document at any time.

Check out


Google Docs alternative? Bread Software

Google Docs allows you to move your word processing online and into the web. This means you can create and edit and author your content online in the web. Google Docs makes the documents accessible from anywhere anytime and editable in any browser. This is a great way to work collaboratively in cloud.

But what if you have corporate sensitive documents you do not want to exist in public cloud?

Bread is the answer. Bread allows you to edit documents in cloud and even integrate with your private cloud or you can install Bread in house on your own servers, thereby having full control over your content.