Bread Docs is an online collaborative word editor that allows several users to work on the same document in real time. Users work is saved back to server and more than one person can edit the same document at the same time. Everybody's changes are instantly reflected on all screens. Users can be logged in from any device and can be anywhere in the world.

No more sending documents back and forth via email, Bread is a real time collaborative editor in browser.

A great Google docs alternative, Bread Docs offers you the flexibility to install the in-house platform on your own servers and offer all the functionality to your end users. You can install the product on a Windows or Linux machine and there are no additional requirements. Documents never leave your data center or organisation and you can install the platform behind a firewall, on an applications server and behind a SSL web server.

Bread offers true collaborative editing and comes built on an intelligent operational transform-based merging and conflict resolution system. Bread allows users to collaborate with other users quickly and all the users can see the changes in real time. The cursors across the users are synchronized and users can see the changes as other users are typing them. A built-in conflict resolution system takes care of intelligently merging the changes and ensures all user changes are added to the document. Users changes are highlighted in different selected colors and built-in chat allows real time interaction with others.

Major file formats supported

Bread Docs is a collaborative document editor and can open documents of formats - doc, docx, odt, txt, rtf and allows you to export them back to doc, docx, odt, txt, rtf, html and pdf.
Collaborative Document Editor

Collaborative Document Editor

Compatible with all major browsers & devices

Edit, create & co-author documents on the go. Bread Docs, a collaborative document editor, works on most of the browsers out there including - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. You can also use it on most of the device, tablets and phones such as iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Android devices tablets etc.

No client installs, No Plugins

Install and integrate on server side and there are no client installs. No need to install any plugins, active x controls or java applets. Bread is a pure HTML JS solution.
Collaborative Document Editing Real Time

Document Editing Real Time

Co-author and share

Invite users in different locations to co-author and edit the document at same time facilitating collaboration in real-time. Each collaborator is assigned a different highlight syntax color, so its easier to know during collaborative editing, which user is making changes to the document. Bread Docs, is a great Google Docs alternative and allows internal or external users to collaborate on documents at same time.

Supports all editing capabilities

A WYSIWYG similar word processing capability with ability to highlight, bold, italicize, underline, align and justify content.
Collaborative Document Editor

Collaborative Document Editor

Supports formatting capabilities

Ability to add bullets, numbering, headings, font sizes, background and foreground colors etc, all as a part of collaboratively editing on office documents.

Supports images, tables, hyperlinks and search capabilities

Ability to add images, tables, hyperlinks, bullets, numbers and auto align text with ability to align text at cell/line level.
Collaborative Document Editor

Collaborative Document Editor

Add comments and content highlighting

Multi-line comments are supported with ability to show/hide comments based on user permissions and access controls.

Real time view of online users for co-authoring

See who's online at the time you are editing a document and start a real time co-authoring editing session with other users. Bread - collaborative document editor is a platform which can be embedded as a part of your solution allowing you to integrate with your existing users and have them do real time collaboration on office documents.
Collaborative Document Editor

Collaborative Document Editor

Built in document versioning with ChangeSets

Bread uses intelligent co-authoring to track all the changes and ensures all users are in sync at same time generating versions automatically based on change sets.

Inline Spell Check

Built in Spell-check feature ensures your document is edited and formatted correctly with no mistakes.
Collaborative Document Editor

Collaborative Document Editor

Built in Chat

See who is available and perform real time chat within the same session with all the users. Collaborative document editing and chat can function at same time, giving you a true collaborative environment for real time document editing.

Page views for printing and editing

Get use of full document editor functionality with page level views, print and pagination fidelity; line spacing; formatting symbols and different fonts. Users can edit their documents in "Page View" mode or "Web Layout" mode and get to know the print-layout of the document real time.
Collaborative Document Editor

Collaborative Document Editor

Ruler And Tab Stops

Quickly align the paragraph text and add tabs to enable precise positioning of text along with left and right margins.

Invite users to co-author by email or SMS

Invite other users to collaborate on the document by email or SMS. Bread is a Google Docs alternative and is a collaborative document editor that can be embedded as a part of your application. You can integrate with your existing user access system and do not have to maintain seperate user accounts for bread.
Collaborative Document Editor

Collaborative Document Editor

Share & embed document in webpages and public locations

Embed the document as an iframe or div in webpages and share easily with others. Collaboartive document editing works as a part of your application or solution and end users get the experience within your system.

Localize to any language

Bread Docs can automatically find the locale of user and load the UI accordingly in local language or you can pass the local rolex through API and load the UI in a particular language.
Collaborative Document Editor

Full API for easy integration

Bread Docs comes with API to integrate collaboartive document editing with your document repository and authentication systems easily.
Collaborative Document Editor

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