Bread Sheets is an online collaborative excel spreadsheet editor that allows several users to work on the same worksheets in real time. Users can be anywhere in world, but using Bread Sheets they can all work real time on same workbook and interact with each other. Everybody's changes are instantly reflected and changes are saved back to server.

Get started with Bread Sheets - online collaborative excel spreadsheet editor by just using your browser. Your spreadsheets can be accessed directly in browser and there is no need to install any plugins or activex controls. Your spreahsheets can be accessed from anywhere, using any device, on the go.

No more sending documents back and forth via email, Bread is a real time collaborative editor in browser.

Bread Sheets - On premise edition can be installed within your enterprise, behind the firewall or within your data center. The platform supports both Windows & Linx OS and no additional software is required.

Collaborative Excel Editor

Bread offers true collaborative editing and comes built on an intelligent operational transform-based merging and conflict resolution system. Bread allows users to collaborate with other users quickly and all the users can see the changes in real time. The cursors across the users are synchronized and users can see the changes as other users are typing them. A built-in conflict resolution system takes care of intelligently merging the changes and ensures all user changes are added to the document. Users changes are highlighted in different selected colors and changes made in the workbook including formulas, cell formats, styles etc are all transmitted real time to other connected users.

Major file formats supported

Bread Sheets can open documents of formats - xlsx, xls, csv, ods and allows you to export them back to xslx, xls, ods, csv, html and pdf.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Compatible with all major browsers & devices

Edit, create & co-author worksheets on the go. Bread Sheets - an online collaborative excel spreadsheet editor, works on most of the browsers out there including - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. You can also use it on most of the device, tablets and phones such as iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Android devices tablets etc.

No client installs, No Plugins

Install and integrate on server side and there are no client installs. No need to install any plugins, active x controls or java applets. Bread is a pure HTML JS solution.
Online Collaborative Excel Spreadsheet Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Co-author and share

Invite users in different locations to co-author and edit the workbook at same time, facilitating collaboration in real-time. Each user can be given control to workbook and can make the changes real time accordingly. - an online collaborative excel spreadsheet editor, is built to run in browsers and allow users to interact and work on worksheets real time. BreadSheets allows several users to edit and correct your spreadsheet in real time.

Supports all editing capabilities

Full excel lik eediting capabilities including WYSIWIG style bold, italics, align - vertical/horizontal, cut, copy , paste, wrap text etc. Bread Sheets is an excel spreadsheet editor with all the collaborative and editing capabilities right in browser.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Supports full formatting capabilities

Ability to add change font type, font sizes, background and foreground colors etc.

Advanced cell formatting

Ability to highlight cells, emphasize values and choose how values in cell are displayed - as percentage, currency, date time, text, html, number, scientific or create your own custom formats.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Full formula & function support

All the excel formulas & functions are supported. This includes categories such as Statistics, Lookup, Date Time, Financial. Math, Text and many more. Bread Sheets - an online collaborative excel spreadsheet editor, helps deal with complexity using simplified formulas and functions.

Support for multiple sheets

Add, remove or edit worksheets within workbook all while working real time with other users.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Add comments and content highlighting

Multi-line comments are supported with the ability to edit, show/hide and delete comments. Collaborative excel editing with full support for multiline comments to help you identify the cells & their values.

Images & Hyperlinks

Full support for embedding images inline or overlay and also linking to other sheets or external links.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Tables, borders & alignment

Add tables, style cells or even add border of different types such as dashed, solid or dotted with various thickness.

Style rows, columns & cells

Full style support with ability to drag and set column width or row heights.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Merge, Lock, Hide or Drag Cells

Ability to merge/unmerge, hide/unhide rows and columns. Also includes the ability to drag cell contents to different location.

Advanced Content Sorting

Full sorting capabilities in ascending/descending order along with ability to set major/minor sort with summer multi row/column support.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Insert/Delete/Move/Hide Rows & Columns

Ability to insert, delete, move, hide cells/columns or change the properties of the cells, columns and sheet itself.

Share & embed sheets in webpages and public locations

Embed the document as an iframe or div in webpages and share easily with others.
Collaborative Excel Editor

Collaborative Excel Editor

Full API for easy integration

Bread Sheets comes with API to integrate with your document repository and authentication systems easily.

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