Getting Started

Getting Started with Bread Cloud.

API Documentation

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of functions, methods and procedures, which allow third-party applications to perform various actions. We have made this documentation easy to follow by showcasing all our different API's with descriptions, functional explanations, errors and examples.

What can the Bread Cloud APIs do?

Our API enables users to edit documents directly in the browser and integrate the collaborative edtior within their application and websites. The API allows developers to integrate with Bread Cloud and offer a seamless experience to their end users.


Bread Cloud has pre-built authentication mechanism to ensure security. An API key is required for all requests, so they can be associated with your account. Keep your API key confidential. Anyone who knows it can make API requests on your account's behalf.

The API key enables you to genereate a unique session id which can then be used to embed the Bread Editor within your application.

Don't have a Bread Cloud API key? No worries, you can get one by clicking on button below.
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